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Why Work With Danielle Wintrip?


We work together to get the best result. You are the expert in your business, I am the expert who can help you communicate and market.


Responsive and reliable, you can expect good service and high-quality work. Together we will establish a realistic timeline and budget to make that happen.


Creativity is about making connections. Connections are what you need to build relationships and drive business. 


Expect me to ask you many questions. Let’s challenge each other to generate the best result. I won’t settle for less, niether should you.


I am a copywriter, WordPress website builder, and consultant/strategist based in Toronto.

My name is Danielle Wintrip and I have been working in technology and communications for 20 years. I am formally educated in my areas of expertise and experienced working in areas as diverse as logistics, medical education, and banking. My clients describe me as collaborative, reliable, responsive, creative, professional,  business savvy, and a quick study.

My Approach: “CUE” 


You set your goals, and I will advise on the best course of action. Together we will define and agree on the scope of work.


You will participate in interviews based on my pre-defined process to gather information and requirements for your project.


I will produce the project’s work and we will review it together at several checkpoints. 

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Do I need a website for my business?

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Using LinkedIn to reach out

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Websites reinforce your business presence

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