WordPress websites

New website

You should feel confident about your business website because it reinforces who you are with your clients – past, present, and future.  I have been building WordPress websites for businesses since 2012. My websites are fast, well written, secure, and look as good on your phone as on your desktop. 

Website redesign or refresh

As told to me by clients, the top reasons to refresh your website are:

  1. The design is outdated, old fashioned, or a little bit off-brand.
  2. It’s slow.
  3. It looks really small on a smart phone or tablet.
  4. The content is outdated.
  5. The original website developer isn’t in the picture.

Sometimes we simply must built a new website, but we can salvage what we can from the old website, such as content and imagery. If your content is well written, that’s a significant advantage.

Monthly or quarterly maintenance

A website is like a houseplant; you can forget about it for a while, but it will need attention occasionally.  Like your desktop, or mobile device, your website’s software needs updating too. If you leave it too long to update, your website security and even presentation can suffer. My packages take care of the software, and more, so once your website is set up, you will know it won’t break down. 

Website optimization audit

Does your website say what it needs to say? Is it fast, lightweight, and mobile first? There are many elements to search engine optimization and it’s not for beginners. I can audit your website and report upon the actions you should take to be taken more seriously by search engines. 

"Danielle recently completed a much a needed overhaul to our existing website and the entire process, from the initial planning stages to final implementation, was carried out in a very competent and professional manner. Her marketing know-how and understanding of our business enabled her to implement incisive and enduring design features that greatly strengthens our online presence. I strongly recommend Danielle to anyone requiring a modern and effective approach to website design."

Thomas Kelly, Owner – JTT Pressworks 

"Danielle as an exceptional web designer. She brings a rare combination of technical expertise, marketing savvy and creativity resulting in a site that is both pleasing to the eye and effective in terms of SEO which she builds right into the design. Above all, she’s a pleasure to work with - professional, efficient and encouraging, keeping the project on track from start to completion. Thank you Danielle for a job well done!"

Elaine Sigurdson MA CMC CMF PCC – Owner, Insight to Action 

"I am so pleased with the outcome of employing Danielle as a website development consultant. I have long wanted to create an effective e-commerce website but was overwhelmed about where to start. My company does not have a large revenue stream yet and we wanted to minimize website development costs. Danielle worked efficiently and effectively within our budget to identify a great e-commerce platform (Shopify) that I could easily work with and an appropriate theme template for our particular products and customers. She has tremendous knowledge and experience concerning website design and communications and she helped us to organize the website components and wrote great content. Danielle is a pleasure to work with. She listened carefully to what we wanted to achieve and had many great suggestions. Within two weeks of our first meeting, we had a beautiful working website! I highly recommend her!!"

Pat McKee – President of Anatomy Softwear Internaional Inc.

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