Websites are the mild-mannered cousins in the exciting family of digital content. But you shouldn’t ignore them because they are not as sexy as Instagram. They are still the cornerstone of a company’s digital presence. According to a 2019 Study by Simplii, 71% of Canadians said they used company websites. A ‘like’ on Facebook was half that, at 34%.

Why are websites so well consulted? One reason is research. Your website reinforces who you are with your past, present, and future clients. It’s there to represent your business when you aren’t.

Do you have a business card? If it has your web address on it, you have invited someone to learn more about you. You have provided, in marketing speak, a ‘call to action’. If you still don’t see the need for a website because your business comes referrals, consider this. Before referring others to you, people might want to remind themselves of you and your business. Then potential lead will want to know more about you first. In fact, without a website, is your business credible?

It’s often said that for small businesses, the best marketing strategy is the one that you can carry out. You need to plan it, execute it, and keep it running.

There are overwhelming choices in the social media space. To use social media for your business, developing a strategy is critical. Which platform is best? What will you post? When? How often? What does your audience want to see? Do you have the time, money, focus, and creative talent to make social media work for you?

If you select a website, you can build it once and maintain it monthly or quarterly. Sounds easier than feeding social media daily. So give thought to the simple website, in your browser for twenty years, and unlikely to leave anytime soon.