A new WordPress Website for Pound Dog Rescue.

Pound Dog Rescue is a volunteer-run dog rescue non-profit.  Since 2012, PDR has rescued and homed 350 dogs. In 2016, my family adopted a dog from PDR named Kenzi, and that’s when they asked me to help with their website. It was hosted on GoDaddy, and built with a GoDaddy tool. The volunteers spent countless hours on finicky details to present the dogs as best they could but it was becoming far too difficult. They wanted to spend less time on the website and more time rescuing dogs!


By 2017, the two-legged volunteers with Pound Dog Rescue needed a break. Their old website, built in 2013, had become too hard to use. The organization had grown but the website hadn’t. Updating the website took a long time, but keeping it updated was of utmost importance because rescue organizations frequently have new dogs available to foster or adopt, or new happy tails of rescued pups to share.

So I set out to fix this for them. We chose a pre-built theme designed for animal rescues, I customized the branding for Pound Dog and then rebuilt the site in WordPress. I also added some ‘modern’ website features along the way so the volunteers could use the website to promote and communicate better.

Once the shell was complete and closely matched the old website’s branding, I moved content from the old website to the new one, trained volunteers to make content updates, and continue to maintain the website quarterly.

Customized design to match the Pound Dog brand

Donation feature

Easy and quick to add dogs ready for fostering or adoption

“Like a dog with a bone, Danielle solved every website problem we had when we built the new website, and believe me, there were a few. But it was worth it because it’s so much easier now for our volunteers to use it and we save hours of time. Thanks, Danielle!”

 Kim Spitzig, Founder, Pound Dog Rescue.


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