A business website is its most important communication tool. 

Business websites are highly consulted and reputable sources of information. The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) found that 81% of their respondents consulted a company website when seeking information about a product or a service. The BDC also said that a small business website is the most influential source of information at 69%, followed by the respondent’s business network (61%) and then by employees (36%).

Websites are also useful for follow up after networking. After trading business cards, if we are interested, we can visit their website. Questions, answers, follow-ups, and relationships can all be served from the website.

What a website does for you

  • Establish your professional online presence;
  • Enhance your credibility, and;
  • Reinforce your brand.

How people use a business website

  • Research your specific offerings;
  • Reinforce their in-person impressions, and;
  • Learn more about your business in general.

The business value of a website

  • It puts you at a competitive advantage*;
  • It is an important communications asset, and;
  • It represents your business when you are not there to do so.

*Only 4 of 10 micro-businesses (business with 4 or fewer employees) have a website. But they should, because 7 out of 10 people say that a business website is their most significant source of information.