Danielle Wintrip Marketing

About Danielle Wintrip

Fractional Marketing Director &
Marketing Coach

My long-standing clients value my business- and brand-first approach. I use data and communications principles to guide our work rather than a tech-first, shiny-object approach to marketing. The result is above-benchmark content engagement on social and emails.

I have worked in tech and communication for 25 years. I am formally educated in my areas of expertise. I have worked in many industries, such as logistics, medical education, branding, and banking.

My clients describe me as collaborative, reliable, responsive, creative, professional, business savvy, and a quick study.

I’m not very good with my hands, but I like cross-stitching, and I even design and sell my patterns on Etsy. My free time is also taken up with dog-walking our rescue dog, Jam; watching baseball with my husband, Ian; reading; swimming; socializing, and practicing yoga. One day I’m going on a swim trek somewhere fabulous.