Danielle Wintrip Marketing

A Digital Marketing Framework to Repurpose Your Content

With a digital marketing framework, you can make the most of your marketing content. You have marketing content to salvage if you’ve invested in marketing, such as SEO, social media, or ads.

What is that marketing content doing now? Does it sit in a folder on your server? Go look – I bet it’s called Marketing, Digital Marketing, Website Content, or Social Media. It could be a goldmine in the right hands. What if all this work from previous marketing efforts could work for you now?

This still seems so daunting, I know. You still don’t know if you have enough content, and the thought of making more is exhausting. You want to find an efficient, effective, and sustainable answer.

The solution is to organize your content into a digital marketing framework. You need the right person to lead you through this complex task. But, the process only requires several hours of your time. You teach me about your business and its objectives. We talk about your brand and marketing effort and your audiences. From this data, I craft a content strategy framework. Then, I inventory and audit your existing assets to see what I can reuse. The final piece is a six-month digital marketing plan with an editorial calendar.

Think of the relief of having six months of content planned. Marketing is off your mind. You have a strategy to refer to, a plan to follow, and a calendar for execution. Instead of planning content, you can gather data and insights.

To execute your digital marketing framework, you can hire me, keep it in-house, or hire someone else. Book a chat to see if we’re a fit. Spare yourself the ever-present thought, “I should be marketing my business.” Instead, get back to your clients and watch your digital marketing unfold.