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01   BLOGS

Blogs, aka blog posts, are articles written for readers and search engines. They live on your website and new ones are published regularly. Post topics can vary widely. For example, they could give background, tips, insights or stories about your business, your services, your products or the industry, Blog posts are generally 300 to 500 words long, but they can be longer.

Writing takes time, expertise and confidence. A skilled writer can help  you choose the right topics, and then write about them in a clear and interesting way.


Your website content is not fluff. It’s marketing material for your business. Yet over and over I see websites that suffer from two curses. One is the curse of knowledge: there is too much detail. The writer can’t see the forest for the trees. The second is disorder. In this case, the right content is the wrong place or it has gone missing altogether, like a sock in a dryer.
Your new or redesigned website needs an experienced website writer to put the right words in the right place


Clients often have marketing material that can be repurposed for their website. It usually needs to be edited and reorganized, but your existing material can be a great start. 

Review the blog post and website blurbs above to get a better idea of why website content is important, and why it’s important it’s written well. 



My consulting practice centres around improving client’s online communications or marketing, such as websites, social media, advertising or other communication material. I review and make recommendations best suited to the organization and their objectives.


Danielle Wintrip