New Websites

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New Websites

Building a website is an art, a science and an exercise in psychology. We know the research and evidence behind engaging web visitors and getting them to take action.


We also offer:

The Small Business Website Package

When we build your website, we look after the following tasks.

  1. Domain name: This is your website’s address, such as We help you chose the right one and we’ll procure it for you.
  2. Website hosting: Your website lives on a server in Canada.
  3. Website design: This determines what your website looks like, how it feels and how it works. It’s customized for you and your business.
  4. Content: The package includes 500-750 words of web content. If we determine that SEO is important for your website, more may be required. You can hire us or a writer to do that. We will work with the writer to determine what you need.
  5. Website development: This is where the design and content come together.

These items are not included, and you will be expensed for their cost.

  1. A domain name: About $30/year
  2. Hosting: About $150/year
  3. Creative assets: These are the visual elements that make your website sing, things like images, icons, photography and fonts. Sure, the Internet if full of free stuff, but you get what you pay for – and your website visitors can tell the difference. A professional website needs quality “creative”. It’s not expensive, either. You can pay as little as $10 to get something good.

The Process

Once you have hired Wintrip Communications, this is how we will work together.

First, is a conversation about your business and business needs. This Initial Consultation tells us how we should best market your business through the website.

Then we guide you through a Creative Brief. Here we learn more about your business and its audience to help choose right the visual style. A visual style is composed of colour, font, layout and imagery. This becomes the basis of your business’s visual, which is part of  your brand.

Now we’re ready to create your Visual Identity. When it’s complete, you’ll be walked through it and learn about the choices made.  You’ll probably see a Website Layout at this point too.

Next, comes your Website Content. You will help us source information and participate in an interview to develop the content. Once it’s complete, you will review it.

Finally, we can start Website Development.

Once it’s built, we go through the Review & Revise stage. You carefully review the website and ask one or two others to help you do that. We need fresh eyes who are looking for errors that we might miss because we are so familiar with the website. A list of changes is drawn up, made, tested and approved.

Then we Go Live, in other words, we launch the website.

Next Step

Once your new website is live, we can keep it up-to date on your behalf by maintaining it on a quarterly basis.