Website Redesign

Website Redesign




The Top Reasons for a Website Redesign

  1. The design is outdated, old fashioned or a little bit off your brand.
  2. It’s slow.
  3. It doesn’t look good on mobile devices.
  4. The content is outdated.
  5. The original website developer isn’t in the picture.
  6. It could rank better with search engines.

Often, an entirely new website must be built. However, we salvage what we can from the old website, such as content and imagery. If your content is well written, that’s a significant advantage.

The Small Business Website Redesign Process

Client Survey: Problems, goals, audiences, top tasks, similar sites, analytics.

Content Audit: Map existing site, generate spreadsheet, keep/ update/ delete decisions, and identify content gaps.

Structure: Propose new navigation and structure.

New Content, Functionality: Write new text, gather photos/ video, and include new documents, program new functionality. 

Draft Design: Build and test.

Launch: Review and approve.


The cost of this package varies based on the website but generally starts at $4,000.