Website Maintenance

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Website Maintenance, Improvement & SEO



We offer three packages.

  • The Monthly Basic Maintenance Package
  • The Quarterly Improvement (Basic Maintenance Package plus Improvement)
  • The Quarterly Improvement and SEO (The Quarterly Improvement plus SEO)

Basic Maintenance Package

All packages include the following work:

  1. Software updates for WordPress, your theme and your plugin
  2. An offsite backup of your website and its content, made available to you on the
  3. Website analytics
  4. Proofreading, spell checking and
  5. Link testing and
  6. Form testing and
  7. Site uptime & downtime report with improvement
  8. Site speed & performance report with improvement
  9. Mobile presentation testing with improvement

Add-On Improvement Hour

You might use your improvement hour to update or add content such as:

  • Product or services descriptions
  • Profiles or bios
  • Contact information or hours of operation
  • Company news
  • Sales, promotions or new products

Add-On SEO Hour

To establish your website’s SEO structure over time

  • An analysis of your current site
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Implement the recommendations
  • Monitor, maintain and improve your existing SEO structures
  • Monthly analysis and improvement of your current SEO structures

Add-On Hours Fine Print

We will remind you to request the work to be done during your hour(s). If you aren’t sure how to use your improvement or SEO hour, ask us. In a 15-minute call we can make recommendations. If have changes or ideas anytime during the quarter, send them along. We collect them and make the changes at one time (this reduces the risk of errors).

Please note that we cannot carry forward unused hours.

Pricing Table

MonthlyQuarterlyQ plus SEO




Not Included1 hour1 hour
SEO HourNot IncludedNot Included1 hour
$69.99 per month$229 per quarter$279 per quarter

More Fine Print

  • Additional Improvement or SEO hours can be purchased on an ad hoc basis for $89 an hour.
  • There is a 12-month commitment for the packages.
  • You will receive a recurring invoice based on your package.