Social Media Management

Our monthly social media management service means you have an in-house social media specialist on your team.

Monthly Social Media Management Package for Small Business



Getting Started

  • Our first consultation will be a discovery and idea generation session.
  • Then we ensure a consistent profile across all accounts, and
  • Give you a lesson using the social networks on your phone, if you need it.


Your package includes up to 28 posts a month. We help you determine the content for the month, so we can determine each post in advance. Together, we will align your content to your overall marketing efforts, any specific business news, events or campaigns, and any other factors that we brainstorm.

We refer to two kinds of content, curated and original. Curated content is created by others; original content is what you create for your business.


We work close to a month ahead to find and give you curated content. You read the content and we’ll discuss which pieces to include in next month’s social media posts.


Your original content will come from your blogs, white papers, product descriptions, your sales or marketing material, or it could be a stand-alone social media communications campaign. We will write your social media posts based on your original content.

If you don’t think you have any original content, don’t worry. We have a lot of ideas and together we will brainstorm creative, quick and easy ways for you to create more.  Creating original content can also be as simply engaging on social media in the ways we’ve described above.

Social Media Posts

Post Writing

Clients review the social media posts that we write for them.

Post Scheduling

We post all content on your behalf.


You will receive a monthly dashboard of exposure and engagement metrics tracking your social media online presence.

  • Exposure Metrics: Impressions, Reach, Followers. Etc.
  • Engagement Metrics: Likes, Comments, Shares, Replies, Retweets, Etc.
  • Top Posts: By Impressions and Engagements

What’s Next?

Schedule a free consultation with Danielle to determine whether social media is right for your business.