Social Media

Our monthly social media management service means you have an in-house social media specialist on your team.

Social Media

Businesses know that over time and with participation, social media can expose them to new audiences, give their business a voice and a place to use it. They can use social networking to make connections, gather ideas and feedback and eventually generate leads for their businesses.

Building a social media presence is first about exposure and engagement. It will, we expect, lead to influence, such as recommendations or purchase intention, and then impact, such as a sale. But at the start, it’s about extending your reach, being seen, being followed and engaging with others.

Despite its potential as a communications channel, social media is a low priority for many busy small business owners. The opportunity to reach your audience is there: Internet users have an average of 5.54 social media accounts. And companies are already taking advantage of it: for example, 91% of retail brands use two or more social media channels.

Many businesses want to introduce social media to their overall marketing strategy but lack the time, expertise or interest to do so. And since commitment, consistency and a content strategy are important to success in a social media effort, consider outsourcing the work.

Wintrip Communications can become your in-house social media specialist. We will devise a social media plan and run it for you. Each month you will receive a monthly report social media performance report and recommended content for the upcoming month.

Why bother with social media?

Exposure and engagement on social media will lead people to your website where they can learn more and sign up for emails, opening a direct channel, that you control, for repeated communication. Active social media accounts with well-planned content will amplify your messages, fortify your credibility and social influence and improve search engine rankings for your website.

Our Monthly Social Media Service

Wintrip Communications offers a monthly Social Media Management service that includes a customized content strategy; writing and scheduling posts across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn; one consultation hour a month, and a monthly social media performance report. Learn more about the Social Media Management Package.