We offer two service offerings aimed at improving your online presence: website design for small business and social media management. We also teach you how to integrate your online marketing into your overall marketing strategy so you can use your website and social media to reinforce your messages with your clients– past, present and future.

The point of it all is to find new audiences, get them interested in you and build a relationship that will lead to business or referrals.

Consider This

Here is where your online presence fits in with your clients and search engines.

Your business prospects are:

  • Looking for someone who does what you do;
  • Researching you and your competition;
  • Vetting you online;
  • And, looking you up online before and after meeting you.

Your current clients are:

  • Visiting for news, contacts or reference material;
  • Refreshing themselves on your other services, and;
  • Checking you out online before recommending you to others.

Search engines are:

  • Looking for local businesses who do what you do;
  • Using your social media to understand and rank your business;
  • And, evaluating your website for credibility, speed and mobile presentation.