About Wintrip Communication

At Wintrip Communications we are all about small. We’re the one small businesses and entrepreneurs look to for website design and social media. With over 20 years of technology and communications experience, we’re overflowing with expertise to help you look and sound better online.

There’s a science to effective online communication materials. At Wintrip Communications we believe in sharing that invaluable knowledge with our invaluable clients. With our unique Website Coaching session(s) we’ll show you easy ways to improve your existing website to get the most out of it; because we don’t just create pieces that look good and drive sales, we teach you why and how they work. It’s all the benefit of an expert without the cost, that’s the Wintrip Communications difference.

About Danielle Wintrip

There’s an undeniable synergy in the work of people that have the specific education, expertise and enthusiasm for their job … which is what Danielle brings to her role as founder of Wintrip Communications. She is creative, resourceful and collaborative, and, she’s told, a good teacher. When combined with her knowledge from working in industries as different as academic medicine and investment banking software to a gourmet popsicle startup make for a unique skill-set that is perfect for communication design.

Danielle-Wintrip-webAll the way through her two rounds of postgraduate studies, one in information technology and the other in communications, Danielle has kept her friendly, easygoing attitude. This she also learned and perfected while learning to navigate living in Tokyo, Holland and Edinburgh.

She now calls the Toronto home and spends her free time doing yoga, walking her two dogs, watching baseball and (most of the time) laughing at her husband’s jokes.