Your clients need your online presence to research, reinforce and remind them of  your business. 

An online presence is a collective term for all digital properties and assets your business has online, like a website, social media accounts, search engine business profiles, review site profiles, et cetera.

Are you reaching your prospective clients? Are telling them what they want know?

Which of these is your online story?

  • You have a small business. You have a website that needs an update. Or, you don’t have a website at all.
  • You don’t see the need for a website because your business comes mostly from referrals.
  • You have a personal LinkedIn page and suspect that it’s good enough as an online presence for your business
  • You’re thinking, websites are easy to build, aren’t they? I could do it myself! Or, I could get a friend or relative to do it for me.

What’s the value of an online and social presence?

For the self-employed, freelancers, solopreneurs and small businesses, an online presence is online marketing achieved through communications – on your website and in your social media. The point of it all is to find new audiences, get them interested in you and build a relationship that will lead to business or referrals.

If you are online, your presence will reinforce who you are with your clients – past, present and future. Your online presence – small business website and social media – will be there, representing your business when you aren’t there to do so.



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Social Media

Our monthly social media management service means you have an in-house social media specialist on your team. We can get you started, revive your abandoned accounts and take over active accounts. In all cases, we create a content strategy together that is aimed at exposure and engagement. We specialize in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Did you know that social media can also help your website rank better in search engines? Learn more …

Website Maintenance

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